431 - Gen-Z Entrepreneurs Just Getting Started

Episode: 431

Episode Title: Gen-Z Entrepreneurs Just Getting Started


Gen Z is the most entrepreneurial generation we’ve ever seen—and they’re turning the world of business upside down. Find out more, next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 431 show:

Hello! I’m your host Mark Perna—welcome to a new week on The Perna Syndicate! Generation Z, who are currently age 24 and younger, are already making a significant impact on the world. And, as the most entrepreneurial generation on record, they’re doing it on their own terms. 62% either want to start their own business someday, or already have. 


These aspirations shouldn’t surprise us. This generation has grown up digitally connected to the wider world. They have an audience literally at their fingertips—if they can come up with a compelling content and product ecosystem that people want to buy into. 


At Forbes.com, I recently interviewed an impressive young entrepreneur named Destiny Snow. She started her own business at the tender age of 15 with a budget of just $600. That was two years ago. Today, her company, SnowGlam Collection, has brought in more than $1 million in revenue. And she’s just getting started!


I’ve always been fascinated by the different ways my fellow entrepreneurs create success in their unique markets. Destiny’s story is especially interesting, not only because she started her business so young, but also because it’s been a rough couple of years for startups. So how did she do it?


This week I want to unpack Destiny’s strategies for success as a young entrepreneur and provide some takeaways for all of us, whether we’re business owners or simply the parents, teachers, and mentors of the rising generation of movers and shakers.


Tomorrow: How did Destiny know she could succeed as an entrepreneur? Well, she’d seen it done. We’ll talk about why finding a model is so important on the next episode of The Perna Syndicate. See you then! 

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