423 - Saying Thank You By Generation

Episode: 423

Episode Title: Saying Thank You By Generation

What makes each generation feel uniquely appreciated? Let’s talk about the broad strokes, coming up next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 423 show:

Welcome to The Perna Syndicate! As we talk about how and why to express gratitude this week, it’s interesting to note the different ways that each generation prefers to be thanked. 


Gen-X, for example, is far more focused on social causes than most realize. At work, giving them paid time off to volunteer could be a great way for the company to express gratitude. 


Gen-Z is similar in their passion for making a positive difference in the world. Many of these young people will jump at the chance to give back to their community. Plus, organizations that offer paid time off for volunteering are building loyalty in both their employees and in the community at large. 


One way to not recognize employees is the outdated “employee of the month” award. About 50% of people prefer compliments and recognition to be given privately. 


An exception to this rule are Millennials who generally appreciate public praise. But again, not every Millennial is wired this way. Every individual is unique, but in broad strokes, these insights are generally true for most people.


However you choose to thank the people in your organization, the most important thing is to make sure it’s genuine. Whatever your method, authenticity is the secret to making people from every generation feel truly appreciated.


Tomorrow: What’s one unexpected way to show that you value the people in your organization? Join me on the next episode of The Perna Syndicate to find out. See you then! 

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