345 - The Rise of the Asynchronous Worker

Episode: 345

Episode Title: The Rise of the Asynchronous Worker

The pandemic exploded the rigid 9-to-5 schedule and allowed people to get creative with their working hours. Here’s why this is a good thing, next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 345 show:

Hello and welcome—you are now in The Perna Syndicate! This week, we’re covering the new era of hybrid work and how different types of workers are adjusting. Hybrid work, which alternates between working from home and being in the office, has benefits for both introverted and extroverted employees. And it seems perfectly designed for a third workstyle: that of the asynchronous worker. 


Asynchronous, which simply means ‘not occurring at the same time,’ describes the new work-life blend that many people have adopted over the past year. These employees complete their work at unconventional hour of day or night—basically any time except 9-to-5. 


The pandemic forced many working parents to adopt an asynchronous work style, juggling their careers with their kids’ needs. Between childcare and virtual schooling, these parents’ working hours shifted to early morning and late evening.  It became necessary to find ways to contribute asynchronously to team projects without missing a beat.


Splitting their working hours between the office and home is a huge benefit for asynchronous workers. They no longer have to draw a hard line between their personal and professional lives. 


As the workforce continues to struggle with labor shortages across almost every industry, companies need to seriously consider the hybrid work model. Hybrid work attracts talent from unlikely places—allowing the demands of work and life to peacefully coexist. 


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