340 - Beyond Saying Thank You

Episode: 340

Episode Title: Beyond Saying Thank You

Saying thank-you is necessary and good, but when people are truly burnt out, it doesn’t go far enough. Let’s talk about it, coming up next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 340 show:

Welcome—you’re now in The Perna Syndicate! As we wrap up our discussion this week on showing gratitude in the workplace, there’s one more caution I would share. 


The recent study, that found such a correlation between employees being thanked and being more engaged and happy at work, also uncovered some unsettling facts about burnout. 


64% of people reported that they’ve experienced burnout in their career. Alarmingly, 41% said that that burnout occurred in the past few months.


Regularly expressing gratitude and giving recognition is a great place to start building morale, but unless steps are taken to ease the pressure workers are feeling, it could be perceived as insincere and even manipulative. 


Saying thank you and letting people know you appreciate them isn’t a substitute for fixing what’s causing all this burnout. Talk can be cheap. Alongside expressing appreciation for coworkers going above and beyond, we also need to address the underlying issues that are making work so hard. 


This can only happen when we listen, really listen, to what employees have to share. No assumptions going into the conversation, no preconceived ideas—just focused listening and acknowledgment of their concerns. 


Then, of course, be sure to thank them for their insights—and take the steps to put your appreciation into action. 


Thank you for being part of The Perna Syndicate this week! Tune in next week as we talk about the emerging era of hybrid work and what it means to people with different workstyles. Until then, take care!

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