270 - Entrepreneurs in a Post-Pandemic World

Episode: 270

Episode Title: Entrepreneurs in a Post-Pandemic World


As the pandemic winds down, entrepreneurs everywhere are wondering what the future holds. Find out more, coming up next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 270 show:

Hello and happy Friday on The Perna Syndicate! As entrepreneurs face a post-pandemic economy, they’re responding very differently based on their generation. 


According to Xero’s study, younger entrepreneurs are more likely to be positive about the future. Only 47% of Gen-Z believe the pandemic will have a long-term economic impact, compared to 71% overall. Half of Millennial small business owners expect a strong economic recovery. Another 38% believe that people will go back to life as it was before the pandemic so rudely butted in. 


Xero executive Ben Richmond says that while older entrepreneurs have worked through the Great Recession, the “dot com” bust, and several others, Gen-Z business owners’ experience with recessions is strictly limited to the pandemic. Unlike their older counterparts, they haven’t seen the stagnant markets that these previous downturns created.


But, far from discouraging business owners, the pandemic has actually spurred many to a fresh passion for what they do. 58% say that the pandemic has not lessened their desire to continue running their business. 29% say it has actually increased their vision for the work they do. This is especially true of both younger business owners and women business owners. 


And though I’m neither, I can say the same for myself. We’ve all been challenged by the pandemic, but we’re coming out the other side stronger. And as we forge a new normal, the world needs our grit and resilience more than ever. 


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