235 - Advice From a Recovering Workaholic

Episode: 235

Episode Title: Advice From a Recovering Workaholic

File Name: advice-from-a-recovering-workaholic


Summer is here, and for many of us it’s a time to relax. This year, I’m all about that—and it’s actually making me more productive, not less. Here’s why, coming up next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 235 show:

Hi, welcome, and let’s dive into today’s episode of The Perna Syndicate! I have to admit, there are times in my life when I’ve been a workaholic. It’s hard not to be, when you’re an entrepreneur running your own show. The show must go on, even if you work 80 hours a week to make it happen. 


I love my work, but lately I am learning to give myself some time away from it. Counterintuitively, this is actually increasing—not decreasing—my productivity. I can do more work in less time when I come to it fresh, rested, and ready to roll.


When I take time away, truly unplugged, even if it’s just for a few hours, it clears my head. I’m pursuing new hobbies, deepening relationships, and gaining a fresh perspective. Then when I come back to the projects, the speeches, the emails—I’m ready to crush it. 


In a way, this new stance toward work is part of my larger health and wellness journey. For the first time in my life, living a healthy, balanced lifestyle has become not just doable, but enjoyable. This includes boundaries for when I work, how much I work, and where work fits into the bigger picture of my life. 


As a recovering workaholic, I know I used to pay lip service to having a healthy work-life balance. But now I am starting to understand what it really means. Taking time and space away from work has been essential to my mental health, and I’d recommend it to anyone. This summer, give yourself a chance to relax. It’s actually a great way to become more productive in the long term.


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