223 - Results Over Presenteeism

Episode: 223

Episode Title: Results Over Presenteeism

File Name: results-over-presenteeism


Prior to the pandemic, did you ever find yourself racing to beat the boss to the office? Those days could be gone for good and here’s why, coming up next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 223 show:

Hello and welcome to The Perna Syndicate! Yesterday, we talked about why workplace culture is about people, not the location where they perform their work. That’s why organizations were able to build strong cultures within their teams—even when those teams weren’t physically together for more than a year.


One of the silver linings of the pandemic is that companies are learning to value results over what is now being called “presenteeism.” Presenteeism is nothing more than being physically present. You don’t even have to be mentally present to show up at work. 


But what an employee can accomplish is far more important than where that employee does the work. Many workers can actually be more productive at home than they were in the office, where meetings, distractions, and other things can take up their time.


When presenteeism is no longer the ruling goal of the company, the days of racing to beat the boss to the office will disappear for good. Rather than measuring employees based on the number of hours clocked in the workplace, forward-thinking organizations must start valuing results over presenteeism.


This will work to everyone’s advantage. Companies will build a people-centered culture that will attract and retain top talent. And employees will own their work, their schedule, and the results they produce—whether from the office or their own home. 


Besides their health, what are employees most concerned about at work? Stay tuned tomorrow on The Perna Syndicate to find out. See you then!


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