219 - The Top 5 Soft Skills I Hire: Problem-Solving

Episode: 219

Episode Title: The Top 5 Soft Skills I Hire: Problem-Solving

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Problem-solvers approach issues from a different angle—and they never settle for a solution that’s just okay. Stay tuned for more, coming up next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 219 show:

Welcome to The Perna Syndicate! I’m your host, Mark Perna, and this week we’re talking about 5 critical soft skills that successful workers must have in today’s workforce. In fact, these skills are so paramount that I won’t hire someone into my small business without them. 


Problem-solving is number 4 on my list, but that doesn’t make it less important than the 3 before it. We got a lesson in the importance of problem-solving last year, when the workforce faced challenges beyond anything we had ever experienced before. 


Like almost every other business in America, my company was forced to go virtual overnight. While we had long operated remotely within our team, we suddenly had to deliver virtual solutions for our clients as well. The ability of my team to jump in and solve these problems is the reason we are still in business today.


Problem solving is really another term for critical thinking. Individuals who excel in this area are those who approach problems from a different angle and refuse to accept less than desirable results. This demands that we not become entrenched in a certain way of doing things simply because it’s how they have always been done. 


The best problem-solvers see and strategize how to mitigate the problems that aren’t even evident yet. And they never settle for a solution that’s just okay. 


Is that you? And if not, how can you challenge yourself to become a better problem-solver?


It’s been a great week focusing on the non-negotiable professional skills for a modern workforce. Join me again tomorrow for the last skill in our lineup: leadership. We’ll see you then!

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