158 - Coworkers, Reach Out to New Hires

Episode: 158

Episode Title: Coworkers, Reach Out to New Hires

How can you help a new team member get connected at work, when you’re working in a virtual space? It’s as simple as reaching out. Find out more, coming up next. 


Ep 158 show:

Hello and welcome—I’m Mark Perna, and this is The Perna Syndicate! This week, we’ve been talking about the disconnect that many workers who were hired remotely are feeling. They just aren’t connecting with coworkers or the company’s values as well as they could be—and it’s going to hurt the team and the organization in the long run.


Maybe you’re not in a managerial position, but you want to help your newly hired coworkers engage more deeply with the mission that you’re all working toward. Ultimately, it’s all about relationship. 


As a peer, your role is to reach out, ask questions and listen sincerely. Deepening your rapport will deepen the quality of your partnership at work—and lead to better outcomes for everyone involved.


Reaching out and building relationship is not rocket science, but in the age of the Zoom fatigue, it may not always be easy. But, that’s precisely why it is so meaningful. We’re all busy, we’re all rushing from one thing to the next, but investing the time to make a personal connection is worth it.


If you think back to when you were hired, you can probably remember the coworkers who went out of their way to make you feel at home and part of the team. For team members hired remotely, making that effort is even more essential. 


So reach out. It’ll mean more than you may think. 


If you’re among those hired during the pandemic, you can take an active role in connecting more deeply with the organization. Tune in tomorrow for one quick strategy you can start using, right away. We’ll see you then!

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