143 - Making a Dramatic Career Change

Episode: 143

Episode Title: Making a Dramatic Career Change

Have you ever thought about making a huge and dramatic career change? You’re not alone. In fact, the idea is getting a lot of press these days. Find out more, coming up next.


Ep 143 show:

Hello and welcome to The Perna Syndicate! Have you ever wondered if you made the right choice for your career? Maybe you’re great at what you do, even brilliant at it, but you might also be amazing at something completely different. What if?


Well, you wouldn’t be alone. A new work philosophy that advocates for dramatic career changes is coming to the forefront lately. It’s called “generalism,” or professional range. 


Proponents of this view say that the best professionals cultivate multiple career passions over their lifetime. Exceling in one career, they say, can actually help you excel in another—and completely different—field. It reminds me of the idea of the “renaissance man” or more updated for today the “renaissance person” who could do almost everything, and do it well.


Generalism argues that making a major career switch in the middle of your working years is not an admission that you made a mistake with the first career you chose. It’s more like saying you are multi-talented, adaptable, and ready for a new challenge.


Why do people make these dramatic career changes? Workers who’ve done it say their top reasons were boredom, burnout, job loss, and salary considerations.


If you’ve been wondering if the grass really is greener over there in a totally different career, maybe it is. Don’t feel locked in to your current field; there are so many amazing opportunities out there. And you might just be one of those adaptable, renaissance people who can excel in more than one thing. 

If you have a comment or question on this episode, I’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with me at MarkCPerna.com. We’ll see you back here at the Syndicate tomorrow. 

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