114 - Men, Women, and the Battle for Cyber Hygiene 

Episode: 114

Episode Title: Men, Women, and the Battle for Cyber Hygiene 

In the age of remote work, good cyber hygiene is more important than ever. So who’s doing it better—men or women? Stay tuned for the answer, coming up next.


Ep 114 show:

Hi, and welcome to The Perna Syndicate! Yesterday we talked about the new street smarts of the virtual world—summed up in the simple phrase “cyber hygiene.” Cyber hygiene is really just your online habits—where you go online, what you do, and how safe you are when you’re there. 


So who’s got better cyber hygiene—men or women?


Sorry, guys—it turns out women have the edge. A recent Mimecast survey, which included over 1,000 businesspeople globally who use a company-issued computer, found that even though 75% of men reported receiving cybersecurity training (compared to just half of women), women are better at detecting cyberattacks and malicious behaviors.


Almost 80% of men admit to using work devices for personal use, compared to 65% of women. Nearly 40% of men admitted to shopping online on their employer’s computers, as opposed to only about a quarter of women. 


One of the highest-risk activities is downloading applications or software for non-work purposes. Thirty-five percent of men admitted to downloading such software, versus just 17% of women.


The study didn’t delve into why men are less careful online than their female counterparts, but one thing is clear: when you’re using a company device, cyber hygiene is a big deal. 


So how can employers encourage their workforce to build good cyber hygiene habits? I talked to an expert about it, and will be sharing his thoughts on tomorrow’s show. We’ll see you then!

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