10 - Millennials GenZ Differences

Episode: 10-millennials-genZ-differences

Tease: Though they share many traits, Millennials and Gen-Z are not the same. Listen in as we talk about what makes these generations unique—coming up now on The Perna Syndicate.

Ep 10 show:

Millennials and Generation Z share a lot of traits, and I often lump them together as the Why Generation because that’s the question that both of these generations are always asking. But there are some areas where they differ significantly. 

Millennials are currently the most educated cohort in their families, but Gen Z is slated to become the most educated generation the world has ever seen. 

Like Millennials, Gen Z are digital natives but, surprisingly, Gen Z tends to want more face time on the job. They prefer in-person meetings in contrast to the Millennials, who don’t place such a priority on being face to face. 

Gen Z tends to be more financially conscious than their millennial counterparts. While they still want to change the world, they’d like to make a living wage in the process. Gen Z is certainly more debt-averse than the millennials, but they do still struggle with debt, especially student loans. 

Both generations lean toward a work-life blend rather than work-life balance, and thus prioritize a flexible workplace that allows them to integrate work into their personal lives. Both millennials and Gen Z are always looking to add skills and develop themselves personally and professionally, in keeping with a recent finding that Millennial managers consider reskilling and upskilling to be the responsibility of the employee, not the employer.

As Generation Z moves out of education and into the workforce in increasing numbers, they’ll continue to develop their own unique identity. But they’ll never stop asking that critical question: why.  

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