1 - View on Next Generation

How do you view today’s younger generations, the Millennials and Generation Z? Are they a challenge to overcome—or a powerful asset to unleash?

Due to differing worldviews and values, older-gen parents, educators, and managers often find themselves viewing young people as a problem they have to solve. It hasn’t even crossed their minds that these same young people may actually have incredible potential, just waiting to be realized.

The negative stereotypes often surrounding today’s young people are far from the whole story. Millennials and Gen-Z are bursting with untapped promise. They’re smart, talented, and utterly tenacious in pursuing goals that they find personally compelling. They’re going to change the world—in fact, they already are.

The biggest challenge in navigating our multigenerational world is not young people. Rather, it’s overcoming the negative perspective that can stifle their creativity and potential, and frustrate everything we could be accomplishing.

Together, the Millennials and Gen Z are now the largest generational cohort in the American workforce. It’s imperative that we start viewing them as an asset to be unleashed—because only then can they deliver their fullest contribution. 

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