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Start the dialogue. Shift the paradigm.


Thanks for attending the Call to Action livestream! Our goal was to deliver the actionable strategies and inspiration you need to shift the paradigm in your community.

Below, you’ll find the Action Guide to help you start the dialogue for Education with Purpose & Employment with Passion with your stakeholders and community leaders.

Because every community, organization, and business is unique, there is no cookie-cutter method to address the needs of your specific context. However, this Action Guide can help launch the pivotal conversations that your community needs to have.

Call To Action Action Guide

If we can assist you at any step of your journey toward paradigm shift, don’t hesitate to get in touch at 330.840.2680 or drop us a line here. Education with Purpose & Employment with Passion founder Mark C. Perna can facilitate your planning sessions, tailor a presentation to your target audiences, and support your efforts to shift the paradigm in your local region. We’re here to help!

Once more, thank you for the difference you’re making in education, workforce, and economic development. Together, we can make students career ready—period!