809-Side Hustles by Generation

Episode: 809

Episode Title: Side Hustles by Generation 


Both younger and older generations love to pursue their side passions, but there’s one big difference in how far they take it. Here’s what it is, next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 809 show:

Hello and welcome back to The Perna Syndicate! I recently asked TAPFIN executive Jim Love about whether younger people today think differently about side hustles than their counterparts from older generations. I found it interesting that he doesn’t think there is actually that big of a gap in our mindsets.


He said that, quote, “all humans have passions regardless of age. The major difference now is the absence of fear and relative surplus of time to pursue those passions.” End quote.


One factor in this is that many young people these days are generally starting families later in life than older generations did. This makes the potential financial setbacks of starting a side hustle much less consequential, compared to someone who needs to play it financially safer. 


Young people are hungry and eager to pursue their passions, especially when doing so can bring more flexibility to their life and work. In the end, younger workers are not much different from older generations in how they pursue new skills and abilities outside their day jobs. 


The main difference is how technology has provided more opportunities and platforms for young people to pursue their passions. While older generations tended to define themselves by their full-time work, young people are turning that around—and making their side hustles a bigger part of their personal identity. 


I appreciate you joining me for this conversation today! I hope to have you back here again tomorrow as we wrap up our week on The Perna Syndicate. 

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