801-Why We’re Disconnected

Episode: 801

Episode Title: Why We’re Disconnected


There are four big reasons that Gen Z and their older-generation bosses see the world so differently. Here’s what they are, next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 801 show:

Hi, I’m Mark Perna and this is The Perna Syndicate! Deloitte Digital recently did some research on how Gen Z and their older-generation bosses are misaligned in areas like rewards, mental health, and personal identity. Today I want to analyze why these gaps exist.


Many Gen Z workers launched their careers in a remote environment, without the benefit of existing workplace relationships. Sometimes older bosses might assume young people already know things they just haven’t had a chance to learn yet, because of this dynamic.


Another source of the disconnect is that these young people have had access to a platform since they were old enough to be online. They’re used to sharing their unfiltered opinions, and this can be disconcerting for older-gen leaders who entered the workforce with a very different perspective. 


Thirdly, Gen Z has grown up in an era of growing awareness of mental health. They have an entire vocabulary around mental health that just didn’t exist when the older generations were coming of age, and they’re very vocal about it. 


A fourth factor is that the technology Gen Z has grown up with has dramatically influenced how they see the world. For instance, most college graduates by 2025 will have written their essays, cover letters, and resumes almost entirely with generative AI—an experience current leaders have not had. 


When you look at the gaps this way, it becomes easier to see why Gen Z might not see their bosses as empathetic or supportive of their well-being. But, we can do better. 


Join me the rest of this week on The Perna Syndicate to find out how. See you then!

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