788-The College Promise

Episode: 788

Episode Title: The College Promise


If you’re a parent, what are your top priorities for your children five years after they graduate high school? Here’s what a recent survey found, next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 788 show:

Thank you for tuning in to The Perna Syndicate! Let’s get started. Of the 1,000 adults who took part in a recent survey by Multiverse, 56% ranked a well-paying career over other aspirations for their children five years after they graduate high school. Other dreams they had for their kids included having a stable relationship and owning their own home. 


The desire to pursue a college education is simply not as big as it used to be. A college degree used to promise relative financial security to those who earned it, but that is no longer the case. As tuition increases and student loan relief is still up in the air, the need for a well-paying career is paramount. The rising inflation and uncertain economy are only adding to the urgency. 


Alternative pathways beyond a college education, such as pursuing an apprenticeship, allow young people to earn while they learn—without accumulating debt. At the same time, more companies are dropping the four-year degree requirement on job applications as they shift to skills-based hiring practices. 


Apprenticeships in particular are becoming a more viable and attractive option for young adults to pursue—and one where parents will begin to see immediate financial results for their children. 


At the end of the day, parents want their children to have a well-paid career that provides them with economic security. And it seems that college can no longer keep that promise for every student. 


Thank you for tuning in to The Perna Syndicate today. Tomorrow we will talk more about what skills are needed for young people to be as successful as their parents want them to be. See you then!

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