692-Convincing Them That You Care

Episode: 692

Episode Title: Convincing Them That You Care


Employees need a work environment where they feel mentally healthy. Here’s how organizations can start creating that kind of culture, next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 692 show:

Thanks for joining the Perna Syndicate today! This week we’re talking about mental health in the workplace, specifically how employers can play a role in supporting their people’s mental wellbeing. 


Today, burnout is on the rise as individuals grapple with a challenging economy and increased pressure at work. The current talent shortages are putting additional burdens on the existing workforce. It’s been rough all around. 


To help employees deal with all this stress, employers must convince their people that they care. Showing that you’re invested in their wellbeing starts with making meaningful support accessible. Every employee should have access to mental health counseling and telehealth services as a standard benefit. 


It’s been shown again and again—when employees feel like a company cares about their wellbeing, they perform better. That means that to stay competitive, organizations need to put their employees’ wellbeing at the core of their business strategy. Failing to make this a priority can impact profits, customer support, sales, and safety—that’s huge! 


The bottom line is, mental health matters. The sooner the business world embraces that reality, the sooner we can move forward toward a healthier future.


Tomorrow: Are young people more stressed and burned out than their older peers? It’s worth asking. Let’s talk about it next time on The Perna Syndicate. See you then!   

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