679-What It Takes To Mentor

Episode: 679

Episode Title: What It Takes To Mentor


Have you got what it takes to mentor a coworker? Let’s talk about it, next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 679 show:

Thanks for joining me on The Perna Syndicate today! Many believe that mentors must be experienced senior leaders. But that’s not necessarily always true. 


A short checklist of what it takes to be a good mentor includes traits like wisdom, technical knowledge, a desire to help someone reach their potential, shared experiences, active listening skills, and the ability to provide actionable feedback. 


Notice that none of these requirements mention your seniority or tenure. True mentoring is more about ability than age. 


If you’re considering becoming a mentor, it’s helpful to define your “what” and “why.” Ask yourself: What is my purpose in mentoring others? Why is this important to me? 


Embarking on your mentoring journey with clear goals will lead to a more positive and successful experience, both for you and your mentees. 


I can say from experience that mentoring others, and seeing them develop to their full professional capacity, is highly rewarding. As a mentor, I benefit from the experience just as much as the person I’m mentoring. 


The bottom line is, if you care about your coworkers and have knowledge and experience that can benefit them, you have what it takes to be a mentor. 


Next time on The Perna Syndicate: what if a mentor and mentee have a disagreement or personality clash? Can something like that be salvaged? Let’s talk about it on tomorrow’s show. See you then!

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