643- The Competitive Trifecta: Technical Competency

Episode: 643

Episode Title: The Competitive Trifecta: Technical Competency


A competitive advantage today is so more than good grades alone—you’ve got to be technically competent too. Here’s why, next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 643 show:

Hello and welcome to The Perna Syndicate! In the past, good grades were enough for a person to succeed in their career. But not anymore. Today’s competitive advantage has a little more to it—in fact, it’s a trifecta.


Young people still need academic knowledge, of course, but to really win long term, they also need technical competency and, perhaps most elusive of all, professional (or soft) skills. 


Also known as hard skills, technical competency can be gained in a variety of ways, including career-focused programs, internships, apprenticeships, licensures, and more. Even part-time employment can deliver technical abilities to some degree. 


As skills-based hiring takes hold, many employers are now looking at demonstrable skills and experience rather than degrees. They’re more interested in what the applicant can do, than in the education that person has accumulated. 


Whether they’re college, career, or military bound, every young person can benefit from the challenge of mastering a technical ability. Participating in a career-focused program in high school doesn’t limit your career options; it actually expands them. Possessing a set of marketable, real-world skills can help young people earn an above-average wage as they fund the next step of their higher education. 


It’s a win all around.


Add professional skills to the package and you’ve got a real competitive advantage, no matter what the economy is like. We’ll dive into professional skills tomorrow—so join me next time on The Perna Syndicate for more on that. Take care and we’ll see you then!

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