582 - Why Would Anyone Do This

Episode: 582

Episode Title: Why Would Anyone Do This

Why would anyone do this? If you don’t have a good answer, it’s time to craft one. Here’s how, coming up next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 582 show:

This is The Perna Syndicate—hello and welcome! As a dad, employer, and leader, I feel like I’m always asking people to do something. In years past, it was largely “clean your room, do your homework, stop hitting your brother.” 


Nowadays it’s more in the professional world, where I’m inviting people to take part in the exciting mission of making a bigger difference with the younger generations. 


One of the things I urge people to do when working with young people is to answer the spoken or unspoken question of “why would anyone do this?” Why would anyone take this class, complete this assignment, stick this out till completion? Why does this matter to me? What’s the incentive?


If you’re a teacher, stop and think a minute. Honestly, why would anyone take your class if they didn’t have to? What’s in it for them? How will it advance their dreams and goals? 


If you don’t have a ready answer, it’s time to do some soul-searching. The answer needs to be something more than “this will fulfill your credit requirement to graduate.” That may be true, but it doesn’t sing. What about something more like: it will expand your skill set so you can do x, y, and z like a professional? It will give you the tools to communicate better. It will help you make a difference in the world. 


Why would anyone do this? There are so many compelling answers we can give if we take the time to think it through. 


Tomorrow: the Light at the End of the Tunnel is a person’s individual reason for persevering through something tough. On the next episode of The Perna Syndicate, we’ll talk about helping young people find theirs. See you then!

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