504 - Acing the Exit Interview

Episode: 504

Episode Title: Acing the Exit Interview

Does your company conduct exit interviews when someone leaves? If not, here’s why you should, coming up next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 504 show:

This is The Perna Syndicate—hello and welcome! We’re living in the age of the Great Resignation, and while my company has been fortunate enough not to lose any of our people, it’s happening everywhere. More and more workers are leaving their jobs for greener grass on the other side. 


Smart companies will listen and learn from departing employees by conducting exit interviews. Yes, it’s an extra step, but the investment is worth it. You need to pin down the reasons that people are leaving before turnover gets out of hand.


Even more than recruitment, organizations should be focusing on employee retention. If employees are leaving primarily due to low pay, there are two options—either increase pay to be more competitive, or if that’s not feasible, be transparent with current employees and try to provide other benefits to offset pay concerns.


But if people are leaving for other reasons, like a toxic work environment or lack of flexibility, for example, raising pay won’t solve their problem. 


Exit interviews with departing employees need to be honest, professional, and positive. They should also leave the door open for a return if the employee finds that the grass on the other side isn’t greener after all. 


Tomorrow: Maybe you’re an employee contemplating your next career move. What should you consider besides the money? Join me on the next episode of The Perna Syndicate and we’ll talk about it. See you then!


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