495 - Why Nontoxic Isn’t Good Enough

Episode: 495

Episode Title: Why Nontoxic Isn’t Good Enough

A nontoxic workplace isn’t good enough. People want to work for a company committed to excellence. Let’s talk about it, next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 495 show:

You’re now in The Perna Syndicate—welcome! The dynamic of the Great Resignation is giving people more freedom than ever to quit, and they’re taking it. The majority of people leaving their jobs say it’s because their previous work culture was toxic. 


I think all of us would agree that toxic behaviors in the workplace need to be stopped. But what’s the end goal here? Is it simply to be a nontoxic workplace? 


The word nontoxic makes me think of crayons or play dough; they won’t kill you, but you still shouldn’t eat them. I think a nontoxic workplace is the same…it’s okay to work there, but certainly not something to get excited about. 


That’s why it’s not enough to be a nontoxic workplace. Instead, organizations should strive for a healthy and positive workplace culture with leaders who really listen to their customers, employees, and stakeholders. 


To do that, the organization might have to go through a detox period. A great work culture doesn’t happen overnight; it requires effort, planning, and follow-through. But an organization that is committed to excellence will get there, even if it takes time. 


In today’s world, neither toxic nor merely nontoxic workplaces will thrive. Employees deserve something better—and it’s time for workforce leaders to step up. 


Thanks for tuning in and making The Perna Syndicate a part of your week! I’m your host, Mark Perna, and we’ll see you back here next week for more on The Perna Syndicate. Until then, take care!


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