475 - Flexible Or Else

Episode: 475

Episode Title: Flexible Or Else

Flexibility is now a workplace imperative—so why are some companies reinstating rigid policies about in-person work? Let’s talk about it, next on The Perna Syndicate.


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Hello and happy Friday on The Perna Syndicate! As the pandemic loosens its grip, we’re seeing many employers require their employees to return to the office at least part of the time. But does it make sense to insist on this for jobs that could be performed remotely? 


Employees have gotten used to work and life overlapping in their homes; in fact, it helps many people juggle their home and office responsibilities more easily. Flexibility in how, where, and even when they work has become a non-negotiable for workers looking for a new career opportunity. 


So why are so many companies insisting on everyone coming back to the office? The reasons vary, but many cite company culture and employee connectedness as their driving factors. Remote work separates people too much, they say. 


While there are arguments to be made on both sides of that question, organizations do need to consider the toll that in-person work can take on their hiring efforts. Many people, especially those from minority groups, prefer remote work because they feel safer and more productive in their home environment. They just don’t want to come back to the office—and they don’t have to anymore.


Everyone’s different, and the in-person work that may turn off one person may be attractive to someone else. The point is flexibility—allowing choices whenever possible. Companies that inflexibly demand people to be in the office are narrowing the pool of talent that will pursue careers at their organization. 


Amid the Great Resignation, we need to be flexible—or else.  


Thanks for tuning in and making The Perna Syndicate a part of your week! I’m your host, Mark Perna, and we’ll see you back here next week for more on The Perna Syndicate. Until then, take care!

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