47 - The want to how to principle for young people

Episode: 47-the-want-to-how-to-principle-for-young-people


If the want-to is strong enough, the how-to will come—but how do we get young people to want something that much? Find out, coming up next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 47 show:

Hi, I’m Mark Perna—welcome to the show! Yesterday we talked about a powerful motivational principle that we can sum up in a single sentence: if the want-to is strong enough, the how-to will come. It simply means that if we desire something strongly enough, we will explore every avenue to make it happen—no matter what stands between us and the thing we desire. 


Despite my son Nick’s poor performance during the first two years of high school, once his want-to was activated, he suddenly found out “how to” raise that GPA, graduate, go on to college, and accomplish everything he had to do to reach his goal. What was that goal? The fun, tech-y, geeky lifestyle of a computer programmer that he got to see while touring a local career center with his class. Once he saw that career, his want-to kicked in big time—and it changed everything. 


The want-to, how-to principle applies to everyone; it’s universal. We’re all driven by something. The challenge for parents, educators, and employers today is getting young people to want something that much.


To start uncovering their want-to, take the time to find out what really excites the young people you influence. What drives them? What do they love? Their want-to is the most powerful force in their life. When they see something that truly lights them up, they will display endless creativity, resourcefulness, and planning to get it. 


And once that happens, all you’ll have to do is get out of the way. If the want-to is strong enough, the how-to will come. 


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