45 - Say Yes and Then Figure Out How

Episode: 45-Say-yes-and-then-figure-out-how


Tease: If you want to start supersizing your life and career opportunities, I have a powerful piece of advice for you. It might just change your life—it certainly changed mine. Stay tuned!


Ep 45 show:

Hello, and welcome… you’re in The Perna Syndicate! I’m your host, Mark Perna—speaker, author, and CEO. But I didn’t start out with all these titles. Today I want to share my secret for supersizing the opportunities that come my way. 


It’s a common saying that “opportunity is all around you.” What’s not so common is actionable advice on how to truly take advantage of these opportunities. About five years ago, I shifted my approach to my life and career to a simple philosophy: Say yes… and then figure out how. 


If you only say yes to the things you’ve already mastered, you will never master anything new. You will never be pushed out of your comfort zone—and growth rarely happens when we’re comfortable. 


Today, I speak all over the country, I’ve written a bestselling book, and I run my own successful company…and I figured it all out on the journey. No advanced degrees, no special training, no mentors by my side. Nor have I ever taken a business class of any kind. I do listen to books and podcasts, and armed with some street smarts and a big heart, I set out to make a difference. I have failed along the way more times then I care to remember and have learned from all of it. 


Say yes, and then figure out how. This is the secret of my success, and it can change your outlook, too. When you come across an opportunity that seems way beyond your capabilities, that’s going to stretch you big-time, don’t react with a nice, safe “no.” Say yes—and then figure out how. 


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