43 - What Inspires Loyalty in Younger Workers Part-2

Episode: 43-What-inspires-loyalty-in-younger-workers-part-2


Tease: If you had a competitive salary and a powerful purpose at your work, what else would you need to be loyal to your employer? Younger workers would add just one more thing to that lineup—coming up next.


Ep 43 show:

Hello, and welcome… you’re in The Perna Syndicate! Loyalty among younger workers is our topic this week. As we discussed yesterday, employers can inspire loyalty by offering a competitive salary and purposeful work. But there’s one more thing needed, and it might not be what you expect. Younger workers want robust on-the-job training. 


Learning while you earn is no longer just a nice perk; in fact, according to Deloitte, the opportunity to learn is now a top reason that candidates will accept a job offer. Not only does it make a worker more marketable, but it also implies a work culture that will support you as you work toward professional growth—rather than demanding perfection right off the bat. 


That’s attractive to today’s college grads, many of whom just don’t feel ready for the world of work. A company that can help them fill the gap between their education and their career is exactly where they want to invest their career. 


And it’s not only technical skills that younger workers want to learn. As robotic technology advances, younger workers also want to acquire the professional, interpersonal skills that can’t—and won’t—be replicated by artificial intelligence. They instinctively understand that “the answer isn’t to out-do the machines, it’s to be more human.” Professional (or soft) skills are a huge part of that.


The bottom line is that young people want to be loyal to their employer. Alongside a competitive salary and purposeful work, on-the-job employee development is the key ingredient that will keep younger workers engaged, growing—and loyal. 


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