410 - It’s OK, Boomer

Episode: 410

Episode Title: It’s OK, Boomer

Remember when the “OK, Boomer” phrase was making headlines? You still might hear it, but what’s it really telling us? Let’s talk about it, next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 410 show:

Hello and welcome to The Perna Syndicate! “OK, Boomer” was a viral phrase all over the web not too long ago. It’s a succinct little saying that manages to convey in two words the idea that Boomers are, well, out of touch. 


And if we let it, it’s the fastest way to shut down all meaningful connection between the Boomer generation and the younger folks from Generations X, Y, and Z. 


Underneath the sarcasm, “OK, Boomer” is telling us something. Young people are worried about the future: the economy, the cost of higher education, the cost of living, social issues, environmental problems—yeah, there’s a lot of stuff to be concerned about. And, fairly or unfairly, they see older generations as having a hand in creating these issues.


I’m a Boomer myself—and I’m proud of it. But let’s be real: my generation isn’t perfect. We made our mistakes. Sure, we were immature. We pushed the boundaries of society. And we’d do well to realize that today’s young people are just following in our footsteps. 


“OK, Boomer” can shut down the dialogue fast, but there’s a way to advance the conversation. Those of us in older generations can be intentional about listening, showing respect, and keeping the dialogue civil. If a young person whips out the “OK, Boomer” comeback, we can choose not to take it personally. 


From one Boomer to the rest of my generation: it’s OK, Boomer. It really is.


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