408 - The Art of Pivoting

Episode: 408

Episode Title: The Art of Pivoting

Are you tired of pivoting yet? The ability to pivot is like a muscle—the more you use it, the stronger you get. Let’s talk about it, coming up next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 408 show:

I want to welcome you to The Perna Syndicate today! A word you’ll hear thrown around a lot in business circles is “pivot.” But what does it actually mean? 


The dictionary defines pivoting as “modifying a policy, opinion, or product while retaining some continuity with its previous version.” In other words, you’re not completely departing from your previous position. But, you realize a change of some kind is needed. 


We’ve all done a lot of pivoting over the past two years. We had to reinvent pretty much everything about school and work, while still trying to preserve the best things about these institutions. 


Yes, pivoting can be tiring at times. I hear it in the voices of educators who say they can’t keep up with how things change every week. I see it in the business community among burned-out managers and workers whose work-life boundaries are getting pushed. I get it; I feel it myself often. 


But the ability to pivot is like a muscle; the more we use it, the stronger it gets. If you’re tired of pivoting, take heart. You’re getting better at it, and it’s all going to pay off in the end. 


Pivoting is an art—but more than that, it’s a necessary skill in today’s fast-moving world. To stay relevant, to continue making a difference, we have to be open to changing our direction—and pivoting when we need to. 


On the next episode of The Perna Syndicate, we’re going to talk about the power of a human connection in a digital world. We’ll see you back here tomorrow. Until then, take care!

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