406 - Just Say Yes

Episode: 406

Episode Title: Just Say Yes

“Yes” is the magic word to supersize every opportunity that comes—even if you still have to figure out how to deliver on that promise. Let’s talk about it, next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 406 show:

Hello and welcome! It’s a new week on The Perna Syndicate and I’m your host, Mark Perna. Have you ever turned down a great opportunity because you weren’t sure you could do it? If so, join the club! 


But over the past few years, I’ve started doing the exact opposite and I have to say—it’s a game-changer. My strategy is simply this: when opportunity comes knocking, say yes and then figure out how. 


I’ve talked about this on the show before, and it bears repeating. Saying yes, and then figuring out how to deliver on that commitment, has been the secret of my success. This mindset has completely changed my risk tolerance and has redefined the boundaries of my comfort zone.


It’s easy to say yes to the things we’ve already mastered, where we feel certain we can deliver. But it’s a lot harder to say yes when you’re not sure how to make it all come together. 


Uncomfortable as it is, I find that saying yes and then figuring out how often leads to breakthroughs in our business. We feel the pressure to perform—and we always rise to the occasion. 


Growth rarely happens when we’re in our comfort zone. It’s when we step outside that familiar sweet spot that we expand what’s possible. Try it the next time you have an opportunity that will stretch you. Just say yes—and then figure out how.


Tomorrow: what do you do when you need an extra boost of motivation? You use the power of the want-to, how-to principle that we’re talking about on the next episode of The Perna Syndicate. Stay tuned and we’ll see you then! 

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