386 - Young People: A Challenge or an Asset?

Episode: 386

Episode Title: Young People: A Challenge or an Asset?

When you come down to it, there’s only two ways to view the younger generations. So which view do you take? Stay tuned to find out, next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 386 show:

You’re starting your week with The Perna Syndicate—welcome! I’m your host Mark Perna, and today I want to ask a question that’s foundational to everything I do in my consulting, writing, and speaking. It’s simply this: how do you view the younger generations?


You see, I believe there are really only two ways to view them. Either we see them as a challenge to be overcome, or as an asset to unleash. Our view is either negative or positive; there really isn’t a middle ground, especially if you’re on the front lines engaging with them every day. 


From my generational research and day-to-day work with educators, employers, and parents, I take the positive view that young people are full of untapped potential. They’re smart, talented, and utterly tenacious in pursuing what they want. They’re going to change the world—in fact, they already are.


Together, the Millennials and Gen Z are now the largest generational cohort in the American workplace. In fact, by 2025, they’re projected to make up 75% of the workforce. 


Being viewed in a negative light can stifle their creativity and potential, and stall everything we could be accomplishing together. Instead, we need to be intentional about viewing them as an asset to be unleashed. When we do, we can start tapping into their talent to create a better future for everyone.


Tomorrow: why are young people always asking why? There’s a good reason most of the time. We’ll talk about it on the next episode of The Perna Syndicate. See you then! 

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