277 - Millennials Are Ahead of the Curve

Episode: 277

Episode Title: Millennials Are Ahead of the Curve


Millennials have always been innovators at work—and now the pandemic is accelerating all the things they’ve been championing for years. Find out more, coming up next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 277 show:

You are now in The Perna Syndicate—welcome! This week, we’re talking about Millennials in the workplace. By 2025, they’re projected to make up a whopping 75% of the working population. And I think we’re going to see some massive changes as a result. 


True to form, Millennial managers have found themselves ahead of the curve in many workplace trends. A pre-pandemic study by Cisco that found that 87% of Millennial executives already believed that video has a significant positive impact on an organization. Boy, were they right!


Flexible work is another area where Millennials saw into the future. Prior to the pandemic, 75% of this generation was already arguing that successful businesses allow flexibility instead of forcing employees to adhere to a rigid workday. 


Another 74 percent said that companies should support employees outside of work. All of these views have been accelerated thanks to the pandemic, as the rest of the workforce is starting to move in the same direction.


Though, like the rest of us, they struggled to make the transition to remote work last year, Millennials have since embraced this new way of working that allows them to blend—rather than balance—their personal and professional lives. 


They’re innovators, and they never stop finding ways to improve. And today, they’re thriving. 


Of course, it isn’t all roses for Millennials at work. They’ve got a lot of stereotypes to face down…and they’re doing it. Tune in tomorrow on The Perna Syndicate as we talk about how they’re proving all the labels wrong. See you then!


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