246 - How Respect Works Today

Episode: 246

Episode Title: How Respect Works Today

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Respect works differently today than it used to—and to be effective, we have to adapt to this new dynamic. Find out more, coming up next on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 246 show:

Hello and welcome! It’s a new week on The Perna Syndicate. I’m your host, Mark Perna, and today I want to launch an ambitious 3-week series on how to connect, engage, and answer why for today’s younger generations. These are the strategies I share with teams all across the country, and they’re making a big difference. This week will be all about connecting. 


I think we may often miss the connection step when we’re working with young people. With the best intentions, we dive right into the content or message we are imparting to them—without first showing them that we believe they are unique, special and important. 


You see, these generations have grown up being told that. They want to know where they stand with any authority figure. Does this person respect me, see me as important—or am I just a number? 


Respect works very differently today than it did in years past. Millennials and Gen Z don’t automatically accord respect to older generations; they expect it to be earned first. The way to earn their respect is to demonstrate that you respect them. When they feel that respect, they will quickly reciprocate. 


I’m not saying this is how things should be, but it’s how they are and to be effective, we must adapt to this reality. Making students, trainees, and younger coworkers feel respected first is a simple but profound way to connect with them. Then, when you do start teaching or training, they’re ready to receive that instruction—because they know where they stand with you, and they respect you. 


Tomorrow on The Perna Syndicate, the next step in connecting with young people is meeting them where they’re at—and it’s tougher than you might think. We’ll see you back here tomorrow!v

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