209 - Gen-Z Is More Than Raw Material

Episode: 209

Episode Title: Gen-Z Is More Than Raw Material

Is Gen-Z raw material to be molded at work, or do they contribute something unique? Find out what employers think, coming up next on the Syndicate.


Ep 209 show:

You’re now in The Perna Syndicate—welcome! All week, we’ve been talking about a recent study on Gen-Z workers that came out of Washington State University. Among the findings was a positive trend when it comes to how business leaders and older workers view the newcomers. 


The study found that while a majority of business leaders still do hold some negative stereotypes about Gen-Z—like entitlement, immediate gratification, and short attention spans—some are starting to see the unique and positive things this generation brings to work. 


Around a third of business leaders and older workers acknowledge that Gen-Z brings valuable new technical skills, creativity, and STEM skills into the workplace. And as younger workers grow, develop, and gain more experience in their roles, these positive perceptions will only increase.


This type of trend is worth encouraging. Gen-Z isn’t just raw material to be molded by their older bosses and coworkers. No, they have something of their own to contribute to work at hand. Companies that see and leverage that contribution will create a more diverse and innovative workforce, full of fresh ideas to improve the outcome. 


When both generations can see the unique and valuable contribution that the other brings, we can move beyond the OK Boomer, OK Zoomer phenomenon. And that will be a win for everyone.


Tomorrow, we’ll wrap up the week with a discussion on the values that matter most to young people today—and how they play out in their employment decisions. We’ll see you then!

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