205 - PTO in a People-First Workplace

Episode: 205

Episode Title: PTO in a People-First Workplace 

Paid time off is the best way to fend off burnout and workplace stress, but are people taking enough of it? Find out, coming up next on the Syndicate.


Ep 205 show:

Hello and happy Friday from The Perna Syndicate! MetLife recently released a study that found that more than one-third of all employees feel stressed at least half of the time while working. Needless to say, this can have a serious detrimental effect on their productivity and overall wellbeing. 


Paid time off (or PTO) can counter this stress—but employees have to take it. Employees who took more PTO amid the pandemic were more likely to say their physical, mental, social and financial health improved over the past 12 months than those who took less. But, stuck at home with the lockdowns, many people just haven’t been taking the time away that they need. 


If you’re an employer, pay attention to how much PTO your people are taking. It’s probably not enough. Encourage it and even reward it when they do schedule that week off. A people-first workplace culture means that employees feel the freedom to take the time they need to recharge. 


If you’re an employee, taking PTO might feel like you’re being less productive, but it’s actually the opposite. Time away from work is essential to avoid burnout—and once you do burn out, it’s tough to get back to your normal output. 


And when you take time off, TAKE time off. Don’t stay plugged in, don’t check email every hour, and don’t think about work. Give yourself the time away that you need to come back refreshed and ready to re-engage. Your mental health and wellbeing will thank you. 


With that, let’s head into the weekend and hopefully enjoy some time off! Thanks for being part of the show this week. We’ll see you back here Monday at the Syndicate!

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