16 - OK Boomer and What it Means

Episode: 16-ok-boomer-and-what-it-means


Tease: Under the sarcasm, what does the phrase “OK, Boomer” really tell us about today’s young people? Let’s talk about it today on The Perna Syndicate.


Ep 16 show:

“OK, Boomer.” If you’re the target of this headline-grabbing phrase, you’re supposedly out of touch—whether you’re actually a Baby Boomer or not. But underneath the sarcasm, “OK, Boomer” actually says something important about the newest generation of Americans: they’re worried.


Generation Z is worried about the future: what coronavirus has done to the economy (and how they’re going to make it), the exploding cost of higher education, societal injustices, environmental concerns—the list goes on and on. And they see older generations as having a hand in creating, or at least perpetuating, these problems.


I’m a Boomer myself—and I’m proud of it. But that doesn’t mean my generation is perfect. We’re the original “experience is everything” generation that pushed the boundaries of society. So why are we upset that today’s young people are doing the same thing? Isn’t it what we modeled?


“OK, Boomer” can shut down the dialogue fast, but there’s a way to advance the conversation. Stay tuned for my next episode, where I’ll share three ways to respond to “OK, Boomer.”


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