140 - Why Career Education is More Essential Than Ever

Episode: 140

Episode Title: Why Career Education is More Essential Than Ever

Are you worried about your post-pandemic enrollment, retention, and performance? Here’s a fresh reason for hope, coming up next.


Ep 140 show:

Welcome to the Perna Syndicate! We are wrapping up a week-long discussion about post-pandemic enrollment, retention, and performance success. The pandemic has made career-focused education more essential than ever. 


What do I mean by this? Well, the challenges of 2020 accelerated the direction of our future workforce. The pandemic clarified a lot of things: the industries that are desperate for more skilled workers, the new hybridized work environment, the pressing need for top-notch communication and other soft skills, and the tremendous opportunities in skills-gap fields like healthcare, construction, manufacturing, and many more.


All of this means that young people need to prepare for the future sooner, in high school and even earlier. It’s never too soon to start exposing them to the many rewarding opportunities and careers they can pursue. 


Career-focused education is a powerhouse for student engagement. As we tackle the COVID learning slide, the education scarring that will affect talent pipelines, and the challenges of decreased funding, students must experience powerful motivation to achieve their full potential. 


When they can get hands-on with learning, discovering what they love to do and what they’re good at, they can go anywhere. That’s why, in our post-pandemic world, career-focused education is more essential than ever. 


Thanks for being part of the Syndicate this week… have a great weekend and we’ll see you next week!

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