11 - Competitive Advantage College Scandal


Tease: Would you go to jail to give your child a competitive advantage in their education and career? Stay tuned for a better way to get ahead.

Ep 11 show:

Do you remember the college admissions scandal not that long ago involving actress Felicity Huffman? She actually served 11 days of jail time for paying to have her daughter’s SAT doctored so she could get into an elite college.

But Huffman isn’t alone. Many other well-to-do parents in business, sports, education, healthcare, and entertainment were also discovered cheating the system to get their children into prestigious colleges.

Why did they do this? What motivated them to break the law and face these kinds of consequences?

It was a simple desire to see their kids succeed—something we all share. But thankfully, there’s a better way than participating in a criminal conspiracy. And it’s all about building a true competitive advantage that will serve your child over the course of their entire career. 

The educational landscape in America has shifted. It used to be enough to get good grades. Those who excelled in school could be fairly well assured of a viable, living-wage career awaiting them at the end of their higher education. It was a nice system—while it lasted.  

Today, it’s no longer enough to excel only in the academic realm. Young people who truly want to get ahead must add two other critical attributes to their portfolio: technical competency and professional skills. We’ll talk more about these critical abilities this week, so stay tuned. 

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